A trekking to the Kingdom of Mustang

This is an expedition for true connoisseurs who want not only to confront the power of the mountains, but also to get to know a part of the world where man has lived for centuries in natural symbiosis with nature, where various cultures and customs intermingle.
We will set out into the high desert regions and along the banks of the Kali Gandaki (Black River). You’ll explore with us thousand-year-old Buddhist monasteries, mysterious caves, meet local tribes and enjoy picturesque views.

This is the last moment to see this remarkable piece of Nepal still almost untouched by the influence of Western civilization. It is a unique place where time seems to have stopped hundreds of years ago.


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The forbidden Kingdom of Mustang – is sounds as a mystery, doesn’t it? It is a n expedition for real connoisseurs who not only desire a confrontation with a power of the mountains, but also to explore a part of the world in which a man has been living forma ages in the natural symbiosis with a nature, where interpenetrate various cultures and customs.

We will set out in the high desert regions and along the banks of the Kali Gandaki (Krishna Gandaki). You will explore with us Buddhist monasteries with a thousand year history, secret caves, get to know local tribes and delight with scenic views.

We will start an adventure from discovering a unique capital of Nepal, Kathmandu, where you will discover a charm of the historical monuments inscribed on the on the UNESCO’s World Heritage List, inter alia, the Hindu Pashupatinath Temple, or one of the largest stupas in the world – Boudhanath. We will also drop in to the Thamel – a tourist district of the city, where life vibrates in the engagement of the narrow streets, among colourful stalls, shops and cafes. We will also wander to the Durbar Square royal plaza and we will visit the Swayambunath Monkey Temple. 

You will begin a trekking part of the expedition from the deepest in the world gorge of the Kali Gandaki river, and almost the treeless and barren Lo-Mangthang Valley situated at the highest altitude in the world. You will pace rocky, steep trails and admire panoramic views of the Nilgiri, Annapurna, Dhaulagiri and other nearby summits. A route leads through high peaks, mountain glaciers, and valleys. This region that was isolated by thousand years, while preserving a really unique culture, lifestyle, practically an unchanged  heritage dated back to the previous centuries. Houses in the Kingdom of Mustang are made from stone and mud bricks dried in the sunrays. You will certainly appreciate an architecture of town walls and four storeys palace in Lo-Manthang, which are one of the most beautiful historical treasures in the region. Mustang is a place where people preserved the eternal traditions and rules of life, as well as of family life. Some of them – quite controversial, such as a practice of polyandry (all brothers from the whole family are husbands of one woman).

The Mustang region is also known as The Last Forbidden Kingdom; this area had been closed for foreigners up to October 1991. In Mustang people call themselves Lobas, have their own king, Jigme Palbar Bista. When in 2007, Nepal was proclaimed as a republic, a government officially deprived him of this title. However, residents of the Forbidden Kingdom still respect them and treat him as their leader. Upon request Bista provides a host. An etrance to the Mustang Kingdom is controlled and requires a special permit. In this way, inhabitants try to preserve their tradition against external impacts and ensure a balance of nature.

We will begin a trekking from Jomsom, from where we will set out to the upper part of the Mustnag Kingdom. We will go by the river bank of the Kali Gandaki we will head for Lo-Mangthang, a capital of the upper Mustang. 

Our trekking is a real bargain for those who want to trek by less beaten, trans-Himalayan tracks of the region. We recommend it especially to people who have some experience in the high-mountain expeditions, who are physically fit and prepared in terms of condition to such an escapade.

A stay in the Mustang Kingdom is an announcement of the unique experiences, an interesting lesson of history and culture of the region, in the surroundings of the majestic, mystery nature.

If such style of trekking suits you, we recommend you to involve also in the longer expedition – A trekking to the upper Dolpo region. 





The price does not include any hidden costs. The offer has been prepared so as to provide comprehensive benefits, we created it on the basis of our experience and the preferences of existing customers. Please read the details of the offer below.

It is possible to opt out of food in the benefits and pay for food yourself. Then the cost of the expedition is lower by about 250 – 300 USD. It is also possible to take a domestic flight between Kathmandu-Pokhara or/and Pokhara-Katmandu resigning from bus transportation.

Please let us know in this regard at the time of booking.

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